LOCAL residents have come together and launched their campaign to stop an incinerator from being created at Tarbolton Moss.

An online campaign has taken off with via Facebook called ‘Save Burns Country from Incineration’ which explains they are against a “pollutant belching monstrosity and an expanded landfill waste site at the heart of beautiful Burns Country, Ayrshire, Scotland”.

A meeting was held last Wednesday, August 2 at Tarbolton Community Campus from 6pm until 8pm which allowed supporters of the campaign to join and decide the best course of action.

The meeting brought the most up-to-date information to the fore and the attendance from many people in the local community was appreciated.

Those who are on social media are encouraged to post photos or make a video explaining why the site should not be used to burn waste and how it could affect their living conditions. 

Posting on the Facebook page one member of Save Burns Country from Incineration, explained: “The proposed incineration plant building will be 45m high (30m higher than existing shed.

“This means the height to top of new shed will be 115m above sea level (without a chimney). 

“The heights above sea level for Tarbolton streets are The Cross 96m, Hoods Hill 99m. The highest street in Tarbolton is probably Fail Avenue at 103m. 

“This means this new building will be anything between 30-60 feet higher than the highest part of the village.”

The present shed at Tarbolton Landfill (locally known as Redbrae Road) is 80 metres above sea level. 

The meeting held last week received a good turnout with many taking to the floor to express their views, fears and worries over the proposals. 
Residents will continue their campaign to stop the incinerator and will continue to post updates on their social media page.

For those who are not online leaflets and flyers will be available to collect from the Spar in the village.