TRAFFIC lights on Maybole Road, to act as a a pedestrian crossing for pupils at Alloway Primary School and Belmont Academy, are fully operational.

But there are already concerns regarding the brightness of the street lights in front of them making it hard to see the new traffic signals in the dark.

The issue was addressed at a public meeting recently.
Donald Wilson said: “There are two street lights on Laughlanglen Road, which catch your eye before you get to the new traffic lights at night. 

“They are very distracting as the bright lights are shining towards you from the opposite side of the road.”

Kevin Braidwood of Ayrshire Roads Alliance said: “I will get the lighting team to look at that.”

Mr Wilson continued: “Because the school bus has been cancelled there is more traffic at the school which is going to have an effect on parking at the school which was bad enough last year.”

Mr Braidwood replied: “I can get some traffic cones at the school and in the area.”
Cllr Martin Dowey and Cllr Lee Lyons explained why the bus had been cancelled and the new system put in place.

Cllr Dowey said: “It was costing £25,000 per year to get a bus to Alloway Primary for 25 children. That’s £1,000 per child. 

“Funding became available [for the traffic lights]. All my kids used the bus to get to the school and we stay in the catchment area. 

“It was great having the bus. Unfortunately on the first day back at school the crossing did not work but there was a lollipop man.

“When it costs £25,000 a year for a bus I can see why the council cancelled it but there are a lot of people who want it back.”
Cllr Lee Lyons added: “The solution has ticked all the right boxes. 

“We could have bought our own private bus and asked parents what they thought but the answer was no.

“We are looking into a walking taxi with children meeting up along the way to school and to reduce car parking down at the school.

“We would need an adult to accompany them but the community who benefited from the service could buy them a box of Milk Tray at Christmas.

“We will try it first and see if we can do it. The bus is gone and we cannot afford to pay for it ourselves. We need the crossing patrol to make it safe.”

Chairwoman Marilyn Dalgleish said: “There are 200 or more cars at the school now because the bus has been cancelled.”

Cathy Sharkey commented: “If they could drive their children into the classroom they would.”

Donald Martin added: “It is absolute chaos.”

Cllr Dowey concluded: “The cops could be there every day if you wanted but as soon as they left people would continue to park there anyway.