CONSTRUCTION of the slip road from Doonholm Road onto the A77 could begin as early as next year.

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance have been in discussions with Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) who have agreed to put up funding, for the left hand lane filter, as long as the Alliance match it.

This was confirmed at a public meeting last week where Kevin Braidwood, Operations Manager, attended.

Mr Braidwood explained: “We have made good progress regarding the filter lane onto the A77 and have managed to get funding from SPT.

“We have got to match that funding and once we have an acceptable price we will formalise it. Designs will take place this financial year and contract work will hopefully take place the following year for 2018/19.”

Mr Braidwood was asked about public consultation following the Holmston Road cycle track disaster.

He responded: “With this project we will make sure there was contact with members of the public. I am happy to go along to all the community council meetings.”

Donald Wilson said: “This is an accident waiting to happen. If we could just get a traffic light, roundabout or lower the speed limit.

“Something has to be done before someone gets killed. You see so many very near accidents. You see traffic coming from the south and you have to poke your nose right out there to see.”

Kevin Braidwood responded: “I don’t have any responsibility for that but I can talk to Transport Scotland.”

Chairwoman Marilyn Dalgleish commented: “We have tried to get in touch with Transport Scotland but they just ignore us. I think we have the right to be heard.”

Mr Braidwood replied: “I meet with Transport Scotland on a regular basis and remind them of their responsibility for this issue.”

The community will be notified of their response .