A HOUSING development could be in the pipeline between Muirhead and Loans.

The possible greenbelt project was raised at a recent Troon Community Council meeting after concerns were voiced at the public forum.

Neil Andrew, a resident in Troon, said: “The reason I am here tonight is about the proposal of the greenbelt between Muirhead and Loans – I am quite upset about this.”

Cllr Peter Convery explained: “I have been flooded out by this – it is up for discussion with a new local development plan and there have been suggestions from some of the officers that it is just been put in for some thought. The bottom line is that the planning is in and it is official council paper and now you have to have confidence for what is possibly happening.

“There has already been discussion with contractors.

“There are people who would be very keen to have that piece of ground – as you can see just how much land is being talked about especially for Loans.

“I have no wish to see this at all – the community council forever has been adamant that the piece of ground on both sides is sacrosanct.

Vice Chairman, Douglas Graham explained that the last time a proposed development came to light on the area was back in 1999 and as a community council, they were told that it was to remain a greenbelt area and no houses were to be built on it.

Community council chairwoman Helen Duff, said she would “totally object” to any houses being built on the piece of land.

Anne Cameron brought forward her concerns and said: “There was a public inquiry and the biggest thing that was brought up was that the area is always flooded – it is constantly under water. It is absolutely ludicrous.”

David Chalmers, chairman of Loans Community Council, commented: “This and many other sites will be subject to thorough public consultation over the coming months as part of South Ayrshire’s Replacement Local Development Plan.

“We hope by our November meeting to have a better idea on what’s going on and we hope to have a question/answer session with the councillor’s present.”


A MOTION to remove the suggested housing development between Muirhead and Loans from a council strategy has been rejected.

At a full South Ayrshire Council meeting at the County Buildings last week, Councillor Ian Davis, seconded by Councillor Peter Convery asked for members to agree their motion.

Cllr Davis said: “I wish to make an amendment. I am sure we can all agree that there are not enough houses but we need them in the right places.

“I do not think it is fair to do this to locals.”

Cllr Convery added: “This is a green belt. The SEPA flood lines means this is unsuitable to for a development.

“Troon has a number of developments taking place with Stuart Milne, who are doing an excellent job.

“This area between Loans and Muirhead is a very important area.

“There should be more planning and thought put into this.

“We do not want our green space taken away from us.

“We have done our best in Troon. I would ask that this part of the development strategy is removed from the plan.”

Jill Cronin, Head of Enterprise, Development and Leisure, said: “This is just an idea and an opportunity for members to give feedback from consultation processes.

“It is not a proposal at the moment.”

The council voted that the green belt between Muirhead to Loans should be included in the strategy with 15 votes to 11.