A DOG training park in Troon has been branded an “absolute disgrace” due to overgrown shrubs.

Jean Shields, of Titchfield Road, spoke about the issue at the Troon Community Council on Tuesday, October 3.

She explained: “I have come to talk about the dog training park at the end of the beach.

“I had used it up until two years ago when my dog died and in the two years that I haven’t used it, it has become an absolute disgrace.

“You can’t get in for rose bushes grabbing at you, uneven ground and overgrown plants.

“Nobody seems to be doing anything about it. 

“I had used that park for 10 years with my dog because I took him there all the time to do his training.

“And I also told people who come to the town who can’t let their dogs off the lead to go there not knowing that it was in that state.

“Something has to be done – to say it is not used is not true - it has always been used and I know to be very well used.

“A couple of days would sort that park out and it would allow people to take their dogs there again.

“I would hate to lose it because it is such a good area.”

Mike Newall, Head of Neighbourhood Services at South Ayrshire Council, said: “There are plenty of areas across South Ayrshire for dog walkers to enjoy and exercise their pets. 

“Dog walkers in Troon can access the beach if they respect South Ayrshire so this dog walking area has not been needed for 20 years and has since returned to nature. 

“Walking a dog is a great way to stay active and enjoy our amazing scenery but please remember to pick up after them. “

Troon Community Council are going to raise the issue with the Parks Department at South Ayrshire Council.