A REMINISCENCE board game is being developed to help those living with dementia.

The new and innovative design is based on different aspects and memories of Prestwick to help people continue to live well with dementia.

Devised by Alzheimer Scotland in conjunction with Dementia Friendly Prestwick, ‘Around the Town: Prestwick Edition’ has a bright and bold design, with stimulating topics.

The game lets players move around the board answering questions about Prestwick-related subjects such as shopping, industry, pubs, Glenburn, streets, schools, sports clubs, and the airport. 

A question setter helps to ensure that all players are brought into conversations stimulated by the questions or the images on the board, and the game is won by the person who goes around the board the most number of times.

Jim Baird, from Alzheimer Scotland, explained: “We are aiming for this to be a real inter-generational project, with primary and secondary pupils across Prestwick helping with our question development and the designs of the counters for the game. 

“This also gives us the chance to promote awareness of dementia to young people and give them tips on how to interact. In the next few weeks we are planning a community event to gather further materials.”