A WILDLIFE casualty sadly passed away after being “deliberately” shot with a cross bow bolt.

In the afternoon of Thursday, October 26, a crow was taken to Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue after it was found in a garden in Barassie with a cross bow bolt through its wing.

A spokeswoman for the wildlife centre, said: “It is really upsetting when we get a wildlife casualty that has been deliberately injured.

“The crow was found in Barassie with a cross bow bolt through its wing but sadly we couldn’t fix the shattered bone.”

Constable Graeme Gordon, the Wildlife Liaison Officer at Ayrshire Police Division, added: “Unfortunately the crow did not survive its injuries. An enquiry was made where the crow had been found but no further information was gleamed.

“Crossbows can be bought over the counter or bought on the internet and there is no strict control of them as yet.”