Brian McGinley, MSP candidate for Ayr, has entered into the skills gap debate this week on how to improve training opportunities for young people and Scotland’s workers.

Much of the debate has been focused on the need for better training but there are other issues like the use and effect of zero hours contracts which are harming the economic future of our young people.

Brian said: “It was with a great deal of disbelief that I learned recently that after 10 years in government, the SNP have woken up to the need for quality training opportunities for our young people.

"I wonder if this new found conversion for training places has anything to do with the election coming up.

Brian continued: “On the SNP watch an all-time low of 150,000 College places have been slashed and trainee teachers have fallen by more than 1000.

"No matter the political spin, with these training place reductions, less and less classroom assistants to help vulnerable children, the SNP are not investing enough in our schools or our children’s education.

"However, I don’t think that the Tories have the answer either as they want to charge a student graduate tax of £6,000.

"This is saddling our young people with debt and will put young people off studying at higher levels.

“Yes, we need high class vocational training, with better connection to industry which will boost the economy and provide high quality jobs.

"However, since the SNP refused to raise more money through tax then I question where the additional spending will be taken from?

"Is it robbing Peter to pay Paul once again? Over and above this, the SNP have made commitments prior to previous elections and failed to keep these promises, for example, on scrapping the council tax."

Brian concluded: “I think that fundamentally this is an issue to trust.

"I have worked positively with children and young people and I know that they deserve better.

"I support the campaign to end zero hours contracts as it damages our young people and creates insecurity for their future.

"These are our children and our grandchildren who are being continually let down by an SNP Government.

"We need change and this is our chance to get that change for the better.”