COMMONWEALTH champion bowler Paul Foster MBE has donated his gold medal winning bowls to auction.

The Glasgow 2014 legend donated his set of bowls to the fundraising efforts of the Scottish Select Visually Impaired bowling team who are aiming to go and play in Israel this May.

The team, led by manager Ron McArthur, are trying to get around £14k to be able to send a team of players and 8 directors - people who assist players on the green to play in an International Quadram in May.

Teams from Israel, England, South Africa and Scotland have been asked to play at this private invitation competition - and they are having to raise the money themselves.

Troon Portland player Foster, who has a host of titles to his name including World Indoor Bowls Championships and Commonwealth Games gold medals, donated his one of a kind limited edition bowls to the cause.

The blue and white speckled, Tiger size fours has the image of the Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museum engraved on each bowl - as that's where the bowling was held during the Games.

The bowls have a unique history as they were nicked from Troon Portland BC just before the games began, and Foster appealed for their return because he had been practicing for weeks with them.

The bowls were returned in time for the Games starting.

Ron McArthur said: "I was asked to take a team of visually impaired bowlers to the Quadram this May and it's a fantastic opportunity.

"We will be leaving on May 20 and returning on May 30.

"We have raised around £4000 so far, but we have lots of fundraisers coming up and Paul's donation will be a massive boost.

"I'm undoubtably grateful to Paul, it's such a fantastic gesture and I'm really pleased.

"It shows how much he supports bowling as a whole.

"Currently the bids at £300 but it continues to grow and people can bid for the bowls until the end of April on the Facebook page."

Anyone wanting to bid on the bowls should let Ron know on Facebook here: or type in Scottish Select Visually Impaired Bowlers 2016 to find the group.