EXTRA police were drafted into Troon today as hundreds of young people gathered at the town's seafront.

 Earlier in the day Police Scotland had issued a statement saying: "Following social media reports Police Scotland is aware that many groups of young people are expected to turn up at Troon Beach.

"As such, there will be additional police in the area and at various transport hubs to cope with the sudden influx of people."

Additional officers were in position at Irvine train station as crowds headed from North Ayrshire to the popular spot.

Mounted police were also drafted in, it was reported.

Locals told the Ayr Advertiser and Troon Times staff they saw several young people were taken away in ambulances, with over indulgence in alcohol the suspected cause.

Donna Read of Troon Business Association said: "Today a social media campaign has brought hundreds of youths to Troon. The campaign has gone viral. When I spoke to police at 9.30am this morning I was advised they were not prepared for this. As the morning has gone on police have been drafted into Troon. 

"Through the community thanks to Morrisons, Spar Portland Street and Spar Logan Drive they have refused to serve them alcohol. I've also reported those coming off at Barassie and coming along Port Ranald Drive. As I type this I am hearing sirens. I think after today a police and community strategy needs to be in place.

"In Troon as soon as we see them coming in we notify 101 and get support.

"All licensed premises must have a policy to refuse to serve alcohol to those attending the beach party. In addition Police Scotland need to work with all the train stations and Transport Police to try and avoid huge crowds like this again. 

"If anyone has other suggestions I will take this to the community police in Troon. No-one wants to stop young people having a good time but organised events like this on a mass scale need to be controlled. I've seen on Glasgow social media sites many families saying they are now avoiding Troon and Ayr and this is not good for our town."

In a separate incident the charity box has gone missing from
 Troon Station, which may have been stolen.

Station Master Brian Muir said: "It's just shocking."

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