With four months to go Debenhams in Ayr Central have unveiled festive 2015 crackers and cards.

The yuletide goods, which went on display last week, sit beside the payment counter on the second floor.

Advertiser Facebook followers reacted with horror at the early nod to the Christian festival.

Jess Whiteford Way, of Dalmellington, said: Having worked in retail for years, I’ve noticed Christmas coming earlier each year. It sucks the joy out of it. Not to mention the staff who have to put up with the horrible comments from customers. Spare a thought for those at the tills this year, they don’t decide to start Christmas in August. They have to listen to Christmas songs from October and by the time Christmas comes they are exhausted and glad to see the back of it but can’t as they have to deal with the refunds on Boxing Day.” Liz Mcvey said: “I love Christmas but this is far too early, let’s get Halloween by with first.” Scott Innes said: “This is far too early, it spoils Christmas for the people in Debenhams.” Grace Garrity said: “In August — why?”