A WOMAN who stamped on her housemate's chest with the heel of her boot has been put behind bars for five months.

Mandy McCrorie, of Craiglea Crescent, Dalmellington admitted seizing the woman's hair, repeatedly kicking and punching her on the head and body before she fell to the ground to stamp on her.

The 31-year-old appeared before Sheriff Desmond Leslie at Ayr Sheriff Court last week. The court heard how McCrorie had been living with her victim for a couple months.

Depute fiscal Scott Toal said: "The accused had been spending time with a friend before returning with a bottle of wine. She had been drinking before falling asleep. 

"At 7.30pm the accused called ambulance control, stating the complainer had taken a stroke which was not the case. They arrived at 8.15pm who found the complainer.

"She asked the accused why she had done it but she denied calling them. The paramedics confirmed the phone call. The woman asked to see McCrorie's phone but she became aggressive.

"She began pushing and kicking the complainer by the neck and hair. This was witnessed by the paramedics. She shouted at them to phone the police who attended ten minutes later as they were in the area.

"They saw the accused pushing the lady to her face before she stamped on her chest with the heel of her boot. The complainer had facial injuries and a cut to her left eye. She was also bruised around her body."

Speaking on his behalf, defence solicitor Glenn Davis, said: "Over recent years my client has been having problems with alcohol and had been living with a friend.

"Drink had been taken by both. Earlier in the day the complainer had taken a turn. An ambulance was called but the woman cancelled it. But Ms McCrorie seems to have phoned the ambulance again and she has put that down to drink.

"She has little memory of this but realises now there is no alternative but to send her into custody."

McCrorie has been sent to prison for five months.