FOR four decades Tom Russell has been blasting the classic sounds of heavy metal and heavy rock into our eardrums and across the airwaves.

So perhaps it's a touch ironic that he's launching his new autobiography: Tom Russell: Godfather of Rock in those havens of silence, libraries.

He is in the midst of a marathon tour to promote the book - which has taken in as far north as Wick and as far south as Ayr last Wednesday, with an evening at Troon Library on Thursday, November 23.

Tom, best known for his Radio Clyde rock show, is now a DJ on Rock Scotland Radio as he plays a range of classics and new materials, helping promote the music he loves so much.

He is enjoying the experience and said: "I was at Ayr last Tuesday and there were 20-22 people and previously in Auchinleck it was mobbed - there were about 40 people there and that was good. Also I was at Edinburgh Central Library, which was really busy and as far afield as Inverness and Tobermory. It's funny seeing people in AC/DC t-shirts in libraries. Half of the people have never been in a library before and the other half just like reading books and they go to a lot of signings by different authors.£"

The book chronicles much of his life.

Tom was tempted at first simply to write about the music but his publishers persuaded him to talk more about his early life.

He said: "I was asked about my childhood and also said I had served in the Parachute Regiment and owned a record shop before I was on the radio - a lot of people didn't know about that and I think it was a good idea to include those things in the book."

"On the night I talk about my time in the rock business and have been at parties with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, who has a very lavish house with electric gates, and have interviewed the likes of Bon Jovi, Guns 'n Roses, Kiss and AC/DC. There are stories about my experiences with the artists in the book."

Then people will have an opportunity to buy signed copies of the book.

The Troon event is being held just before the WinterStorm Festival in the town which Tom is compering.

He said: "There are some good acts at WinterStorm, including Bernie Marsden, who was in Whitesnake, Heavy Pettin', along with members of Gun, Chris Glen from The Sensational Alex Harvey Band , Praying Mantis and Mason Hill."

To book tickets for the Tom Russell event, call Troon Library on (01292) 315352.