A WOMAN sent her ex partner abusive messages, saying she wanted his mother to ‘croak it’ after her house went on fire.

Jamie Bloy, of Dalmilling Crescent, admitted behaving in a threatening manner, through the messaging service WhatsApp, at Fenwickland Avenue, Ayr in January. 

The 36-year-old appeared before Sheriff Mhari Mactaggart at Ayr Sheriff Court last week.

Depute Fiscal Lorri Pidgeon, said: “The accused and the witness are ex partners, who had been in an on off relationship for two years.

“They have been in contact but separated in November 2016 but in January this year, the man observed his mother’s front door was on fire. Emergency services attended and the man returned home. 

“He had blocked Bloy’s WhatsApp, but had unblocked her on that day. He noticed that her status said ‘I hope your mother croaks it’.

“The police were contacted and Bloy admitted she had put the text as a joke and it was not in relation to the incident.”

Speaking on her behalf, defence solicitor, Jill Malloy said: “She has had no contact with the accused since and the relationship is over. The message was in relation to the fire and she regrets her behaviour.

“Ms Bloy is going to England to reside with her new partner. I don’t know if your Ladyship would be prepared to take a chance on her and defer sentence for good behaviour.

“She says she would be able to perform light duties and intends to stay in Oxford.”

Sheriff Mactaggart said: “I am not happy to defer sentence, she needs to be punished for this. If her GP says she is fit for work she will be doing unpaid work.

“If she is planning on getting out of it, it will not work. Ms Bloy you will be played on a community payback order and I will be transferring it to Oxford, if that’s were you are moving to.”

Bloy will complete 70 hours of unpaid work in three months at her new address in Oxford.