MARR College’s Young Enterprise Group selling opportunities have been a huge success with their brain child, ‘The Grownade’.

The team of sixth year students, Reece Jamieson, Adam Russell, Bethany Stephens, Ciara Inglis, Craig Allen, Liusaidh Ligertwood, Marcia Broadfoot, Rachel Hughes and Vanessa Riddle, created a 100 percent recyclable and biodegradable shell which contains and mixture of natural seeds with soil, with the aim to helping the dying bee and butterfly populations, while enhancing nature itself.

Student, Vanessa Riddle, said: “Our Young Enterprise team’s selling opportunities were a huge success and our team sold 100 per cent of their stock in two days through Wintertainment and the S3 Parent’s Evening.

"The hard work that has gone into the product development and branding has certainly paid off for us, and we hope to ace the Young Enterprise Finals with our Grownades.”