A WOMAN who stole £8 worth of advent calendars from Aldi and was found with £100 worth of heroin, has been placed under supervision.

Donna Graham, of Russell Drive, Ayr admitted stealing a quantity of confectionary, drinks and advent calenders on November 30 last year.

Graham also owned up to refusing to comply with three police officers, refusing to remove items believed to be drugs despite numerous requests to do so.

On the same day, Graham had 2.49g of heroin at Ayr Police Station. The 33-year-old appeared before Sheriff Mhari Mactaggart at Ayr Sheriff Court last week.

The court heard how Graham had been caught shoplifting a number of items.

Depute Fiscal Claire McEvinney, said: “She had been seen putting confectionery in her pocket and had some advent calendars in her bag. The total was £8.06.

“Police were called and Graham was taken to Ayr Police Office. Police decided to carry out a full search of the accused.

“It was clear to them she had banked something in there. They repeatedly asked her to produce the items she was concealing. When she did not, a search was carried out.

“A wrapper was found with 2.49g of Heroin inside worth £100.”

Speaking on her behalf, defence solicitor John Gallagher, said: “Ms Graham is a low level nuisance. Some of the items she has stolen in the past have been Dairylea - Dunkers which cost about £1.

“She is stable on her methadone. The heroin was not for her but she had uplifted it for another person who could not go on that day.

“She tells me she had taken some heroin that day which is what brought her to the attention of the police.”

Addressing the dock, Sheriff Mactaggart said: “I will keep an eye on you. You are going to have to get a grip of your problem otherwise you will keep going back to jail.

“You could go down those stairs at any point. No further offending.”
Graham has been placed on an 18 month supervision order and will be required to attend addiction services.