TENSIONS have been growing over the potential build of roundabouts at North East Troon.

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance (ARA) attended the recent Troon Community Council (TCC) meeting due to the number of complaints they were receiving from residents.

David Manson, Technical Officer at ARA clarified that the decision for having either three roundabouts or three sets of traffic lights was “community led” and the final decision will be “down to the community”.

He explained: “We have been speaking with the developers for some time and we have come to an agreement to fund the replacement of roundabout one and change roundabout two and three – which haven’t been constructed yet.

“We looked at traffic lights because of the amount of complaints we were getting – we have taken on board what the community has asked for.

“The developers have kindly agreed to pay for it and we now need a commitment of what the community want before we go any further.”

Douglas Graham, Vice Chairman of TCC, said: “The roundabout is too high - that has been the biggest problem.

“If it was built lower, then you’d be able to see the traffic coming.

“It is about 50/50 with people wanting traffic lights and others wanting the roundabout.”

Mr Manson continued: “The height is there for a safety reason. I can guarantee that if you take away the height the speeds will increase which would have a detrimental impact.

“The commitment from the developers is three roundabouts or three sets of lights - it isn’t a mix and match - that isn’t an option.”

Helen Duff, Chairwoman of TCC, asked: “How will you make your decision?”

Mr Manson replied: “This is community led and the community are what it will come down to.”

Barassie resident John McCracken, argued: “Having watched the traffic – it is a very efficient roundabout and it works very well.

“I know there have been issues with the lorries, but I wouldn’t like that to cloud the fact that we have a good piece of traffic architecture.

“Normally if there is an issue, it comes up in conversation and it just isn’t there.

“It might be a trifle high, but it is a very safe roundabout.

“When we did have traffic lights, there were tremendous queues when the re-engineering was going on, it caused a lot of frustration and I predict this will happen again.”

Cllr Convery, said: “When I found out about the suggestion for the traffic lights, I was ambivalent about it.

“You have got to remember that there is only one entry and one exit there, and a lot of the comments that were coming into me were that, like Mr McCracken said, the tail backs would increase exponentially .

“There are big issues with this. I think there is a case to made for keeping the roundabout.”

A public consultation is to be arranged in due course by Troon Community Council.