A DRIVER who was two and a half times the legal limit, found collapsed outside his car has been disqualified

Allan Campbell, of Whiteside Terrace, Prestwick, admitted being over the limit on two occasions.

Campbell was caught drink driving in December last year on the A70 near to Coalhall and in January this year at Caelaverock Road, Prestwick.

The 44-year-old appeared before Sheriff Mhari Mactaggart at Ayr Sheriff Court last week. The court heard how Campbell was found by officers on patrol.

Depute Fiscal Lindsay Bain said: “The incident occurred at 11.40pm on January 20 when officers were on patrol.

“There was a road traffic collision involving Campbell’s Honda Civic which was damaged and the accused was found lying outside the car next to the drivers door.

“Inside was a bottle of Eldorado. On December 19 at 2am, police officers were travelling west bound one mile from Coalhall and became aware of the accused in front of them.

“He stopped at the carriageway and put his hazards on. Police stopped to make sure all was well but could smell alcohol.”
Speaking on his behalf, defence solicitor, said: “This is a difficult time for Mr Campbell. His family are concerned about his alcohol intake.

“He has had this problem for a considerable period but is a very hard worker. His wife says this is the end of the road if he does not sort himself out.

“That and dealing with the police and the courts has brought Mr Campbell up short. He is desperate to get help. Following the second incident, the vehicle has been written off.

“My client realised he will not be driving for some time.”

Addressing the dock, Sheriff Mactaggart said: “I don’t think it is lost on you just how serious this matter is. There are two charges of drink driving in quick succession.

“This attracts a custodial sentence but I am prepared to step back from that.”

Campbell has been placed on a community payback order and will remain under supervision for 18 months. He is required to attend for alcohol counselling.

He has been banned from driving for 36 months and his licence has been endorsed. The car has been forfeited.