A MAN who fell from a roof just outside Ayr, breaking bones all over his body, will feature on the flying doctors series ScotSTAR on BBC ALBA.

Brian Conn, who is self employed, was working on a chimney at a house house in Butlin’s, in September last year when the wood he was standing on snapped and he fell 36ft. He had to be airlifted because of his injuries.

Brian said: “I fell from the roof while I was at work. An ambulance was called but I had to be airlifted to hospital because of my injuries.

“The accident happened last September and I had broken bones all over my body. It took me quite a while to recover but I managed to get back to work four weeks ago.

“Because I was airlifted, BBC ALBA had a camera and they contacted me afterwards to ask if I wanted to feature on a helicopter rescue episode.

“I don’t really know what happened as I don’t really remember anything. They came to my house with cameras and I was interviewed. They asked me what happened.

“I had to walk from the car to the house to see how I am getting on after the accident.

“At the time I had a lot of support and I was stuck in the house for months and had crutches. I am still in pain and I could be for up to a year before I get back to normal.

“I am back to work now and I feel fine. It is good to be back at work and out of the house.”

Brian will feature on BBC ALBA tonight (Tuesday, April 24) and the episode will be available on BBC iPlayer.

Viewers will see the ScotSTAR Air Ambulance called to the scene of a trauma after an emergency call goes through for a man who has fallen 30 feet off a roof south of Ayr.

He had broken bones all over his body and was flown to hospital in Glasgow is the fastest way of getting him the urgent treatment he needs.

Set against Scotland’s stunning and dramatic scenery, from towns and cities to the Highlands and Islands, ScotSTAR: Teasairginn Èiginneach follows the men and women of Europe’s most advanced intensive care flying squads.

The Scottish Specialist Transport and Retrieval Service, known as ScotSTAR, moves critically ill patients from anywhere in Scotland to centres of excellence in the major hospitals. Fast.

It’s a unique and vital service at the heart of Scotland’s NHS to ensure patients throughout the country get the best life-saving care regardless of where they live.

It’s a 24 hours a day, 365 day a year service manned by specialist doctors, nurses and paramedics.

From a main base at Glasgow airport, they deploy in helicopter and fixed wing air ambulances as well as by road. 

Their mobile intensive care equipment can provide all of the life support needed to keep a patient alive while on the move. From a tiny premature baby to a critically ill adult.

Across four one-hour episodes ScotSTAR: Teasairginn Èiginneach tells the dramatic stories of families and individuals in their darkest hours, and their life changing retrievals by ScotSTAR.

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