MORE than 250 people attended a public meeting at Ayr Town Hall to discuss development proposals for Ayr’s Riverside.

The meeting was organised by Fort, Seafield and Wallacetoun Community Council who had three objectors speaking from the platform before a lively Q&A.

Some 243 members of the community agreed that South Ayrshire Council should withdraw its current application and request that Ayr Renaissance bring forward its agreed revision of the masterplan and take into account the the demand for increased public realm and for a lower scale office block. 

Addressing the meeting Patrick Lorimer, local conservation architect, said: “I am the 15x great grandson of Ayr’s official hangman in 1607. I founded ARPL Architects in 1964. 

“Ayr Renaissance have confirmed the proposals do not comply with the masterplan.

“The application has even received objections from Save Britain’s Heritage.

“The people of Ayr are deeply unhappy about this project which is being carried out in their name with their money. The plan is too large for the site and too high. The way forward is for the proposals to be taken down. 

“The public are paying for this and they should have the use of it. The application will go before the regulatory panel unless it is withdrawn.”

Michael Hitchon, of the Kyle and Carrick Civic Society, said: “The society work to protect and improve the environment.

“Archaeologists have found a lot of 18th century Ayr but they have not been able to dig below the former King’s Arms Hotel to see what there.

“The proposal is totally inappropriate for this location. The height will dominate all views and the way into the building will be signposted.

"There could be a better proposal and South Ayrshire Council should refuse this application." 

Sandy Paton, of Alloway and Doonfoot community council, said: “In 1204 Ayr was granted charter. In 1207 William Wallace first confronted England and in 1315, some 703 years ago this week, the first Scottish Parliament was held in Ayr at St John’s Kirk.

“We have a great opportunity to do something for Ayr. Lets not waste it.”

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Picture from Dawn Tite of South Ayrshire on Camera.