A MAN who threatened to stab is neighbour with a four inch blade has been caged.

Isla John McCauig of Princes Court Ayr began shouting and swearing in March this year on Ayr High Street before kicking a police officer on the leg.

Later that month he was found with a knife at his home address after he threatened to stab a neighbour.

McCauig appeared from custody before Sheriff Carole Cunninghame at Ayr Sheriff Court last week. The court heard how police officers were in the town centre when they were informed of a male causing a disturbance on the High Street near Boots. 

Depute Fiscal Lindsay Bain said: “Police made their way to Boots. The accused was pointing out a female member of the public. Officers approached him and asked what was wrong.

“Initially McCauig was calm but then began shouting at the top of his voice and threatened officers. He started to shout ‘I am going to rip you f***ing throat off. Officers informed the accused he was under arrest. 

“When he was in the transport vehicle McCauig lay back, while still in his handcuffs, and kicked on of the police officers on the leg. The accused was put in an upright position.

“On the next occasion the witness was in her home address . She was speaking to her neighbour. McCauig, who resides next door, began shouting ‘who the f*** are you?’ He continued to shout stating ‘I will f***ing stab you’.

“He held up a kitchen knife in his right hand and stepped out into the common close. The witness went back inside and put her chain on. The conduct of the accused continued. Police attended the accused’s home and he shouted ‘who the f*** is that?’

“He did eventually open the door and was arrested. The black knife was seized. McCauig was taken to Ayr Police Office.”
Sheriff Cunninghame said: “It appears to be a four inch blade.”

Speaking on his behalf, solicitor Tony Currie said: “Mr McCauig is 62-years-old. There have been no other matters going back a number of years. There has been a significant abuse of alcohol. He has had issues with his neighbours, particularly with one individual which was brought to the attention of the local authority.”

Sheriff Cunningham said: "No sentence other than a custodial sentence is appropriate.”

McCauig was jailed for 10 months.