PLANS to extend Struthers Primary School are facing a backlash over noise concerns and parking restrictions at the “the expense of neighbours”.

The current proposal is to extend and refurbish the school due to the increase in housing in the Troon and Barassie area – bringing more people to the town.

The project is to be located at the north side of the existing building to create a multi-functional area with a sports hall, dining hall, performance area and a school assembly space.

A new footpath link and service access road would be created, with a drop off area to ensure a more “cohesive approach to traffic management and road safety”.

Compensatory parking is provided by way of extending west the existing element to the front of the school.

Parking will also be provided to the side of the east elevation accessed via the service road. However, after the planning application was lodged last month, a number of objections have been submitted on the grounds of the building ‘overshadowing’ the surrounding houses, which would ‘diminish’ the natural light into their gardens.

One resident, who resides at Garry Place, believes the plan is “selfish”, adding: “I realise the need for a larger school, but why at the expense of neighbours.

“[I have] concerns about the overshadow of the high building to be built near to my property and this is a regular haunt for rowdy crowds of youths, bringing them nearer to my property will cause greater anxiety.

“Noise pollution from school activities [would be] worse due to closer proximity.

“The plan seems particularly selfish as there is so much free land to the east and west of the existing school, which would not be detrimental to any of the current housing.”

Another neighbour of the school shared the same concerns, adding: “The magnitude of the proposed extension will adversely affect the local environment.

"The proposal to extend the western elevation of the building is flawed by the very limited area available. It is expected that good neighbourliness will prevail.”