FRIENDS of Fullarton recently held their Spring into Nature event.

With a local wildlife enthusiasts, Harry Richards, Raymond Baxter and Colin McMillan taking groups around the woodland, the walks provided learning opportunities to hear about birds, plants, trees, bugs and nests to help identify them in the future.

Crawford Young, from Friends of Fullarton, said: “This fun and educational tour started in great weather but unfortunately had to be cut short due to a torrential downpour more reminiscent of the orient than Troon.

“One of the things that the group noted on the tour was that several trees have had their ivy intentionally cut. This is quite disappointing as the ivy plays a crucial part in the woodland’s eco system.

“Further research has shown that the ivy is not parasitic and does not harm the host tree. The ivy does provide a vital habitat for various vertebrates, birds and bats and also provides nectar when other plants are not flowering.”

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