SCOTTISH Water are investigating waste that has been found on Troon Beach.

Sewage related debris, including make-up wipes and wet wipes, have been washing up at South Beach and Scottish Water are now looking into the “circumstances” surrounding the issue.

According to recent figures, each year 37,000 blocked drains and sewers across Scotland flood and pollute rivers, burns and coastal waters and in one clean up, Friends of Troon Beach removed around 14 full bags of debris from the beach.

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: “We’re investigating the circumstances surrounding this and carrying out checks to ensure our infrastructure is working as it should.

“We’d urge everyone not to rush for the flush and to follow the our 3Ps rule; only flush pee, poo and paper down the toilet.

“Find out more at”

A volunteer with Friends of Troon Beach, said: “Apart from that influx of sewage related debris our beach is transformed - when we started it was such a mess, there was litter everywhere. Now it is sand and seaweed.

“SEPA were brilliant and sent out a representative the next day. They were arranging for a crew from Scottish Water to clean the beach, but we had one of our days there anyway and didn’t want any more to spread.

“We must have filled at least ten sacks - people must stop flushing these things down the loo.”