A MAN who attacked a driver who pulled out in front of him in Tarbolton has been slapped with a £150 fine.

Dylan Rodgers of Lanlands Drive, Tarbolton, punched the man on the head on West Port in September last year.

The 18-year-old appeared before Sheriff Carole Cunninghame at Ayr Sheriff Court last week. The court heard how the complainer was making his way down Gallowhill Avenue.

Depute Fiscal Lindsay Bain said: “They were approaching the junction at this time with the intention of making a right turn. At that time they observed a silver car. There was a near miss.

“The complainer, who is 44, had stopped his car further down the road and exited the vehicle. Rodgers stopped his car and got out and started running towards the man. He punched the complainer to the nose.

“The accused and another man returned to their car and made off. Police officers were contacted and attended. They noted the complainer had a bloody nose.” 

Speaking on his behalf, defence solicitor Glenn Davies, said: “This was a near miss. The complainer unexpectedly emerged from the side road onto the main road.

“Mr Rodgers had to take evasive action. I think the matter would have passed had the complainer, who is well built, not got out of the vehicle. 

“My client was advised he could have driven away rather than engage in this action. He takes full responsibility for this behaviour and lives with his grandmother. 

“His actions on this incident are because of his age and immaturity.”
Addressing the dock, Sheriff Carole Cunninghame said: “This is your second offence of violence. 

“On the last occasion you were awarded the privilege of a CPO. After considering all matters, I am prepared to allow that again.

“You are an immature young man and your behaviour requires you to be under supervision.

Rodgers has been placed on a community payback order for 12 months and will complete 60 hours of unpaid work within three months.

He will pay £10 per week of his compensation to his victim.