TWO thugs ‘terrorised’ their friend as he drove through Ayr forcing him to jump out of his car and onto a taxi to get away from them. 

Frazer Andrew, 21, of Ewenfield Place, Ayr and Neil Russel, of Ardlochan Terrace, Girvan. 18, assaulted their friend as he drove along Nile Court, High Street, the Sandgate, Dalblair Road, Burns Statue Square, Station Bridge and Castlehill Road.

The incident happened in July last year when Andrew and Russel approached the man, while he was in his car, punched him on the head, removed the keys from the ignition, entered the vehicle, gave him back the car keys and instructed him to drive. 

At Castlehill Road, they threatened him and attempted to force him to enter Morrison’s carpark by taking hold of the steering wheel, punching him again, spitting on him, seizing him by the head and dragging him onto the passenger seat. 

Russel also pleaded guilty to stealing the car on the same day. The pair appeared before Sheriff Desmond Leslie at Ayr Sheriff Court last week.

Speaking on Frazer’s behalf, defence solicitor, Ian Gillies, said: “Prior to this incident the complainer and Mr Andrew had been friends. They used to go out regularly and he knew the complainer quite well.

“Mr Andrew had been going out with a girl but she had split up with him and the complainer started going out with her but the complainer had sent indecent images [of the girl] to his friends. 

“Mr Andrew was annoyed about that. He lost his temper and was trying to get some justice. He told the complainer to go to Morrison’s carpark. Had that happened Mr Andrew would have been fighting with him in the carpark.

“Mr Andrew is extremely upset at his behaviour and has let himself and his family down. They don’t condone his behaviour in any way. I would hope your Lordship could back down from custodial sentence.”

peaking on Russel’s behalf, defence solicitor, Ms Craig said: “Mr Russel is a young man and his background is similar to his co accused. There had been an accusation between the complainer and his co accused.

“Mr Russel is a first offender and has told me he never wants to be in this situation ever again. He is not using this as an excuse and is extremely remorseful. I hope your Lordship may take a chance.”

Addressing the dock Sheriff Leslie said: “From what I can see you terrorised this young man. The charge was originally abduction but what you did falls just short of that as it was not a long enough period of time.

“You repeatedly assaulted him in his car. He endangered himself by jumping onto a taxi to get away from you and he had to run into a petrol station to ask for help. But one of your concerns was you left you baseball cap in this car and wanted it back.

“You are both very fortunate this was not more serious. You will be relieved I am not going to send either of you to jail.”

Andrew was fined £1,500. 
Russel will complete a community payback order and carry out unpaid work.