FRESHAYR have teamed up with the Smoking Goat with access to the bar’s kitchen to develop their food concept.

The group are organising a series of pop up events planned in empty units near the Smoking Goat as well as Ayr’s oldest building the Loudoun Hall.

They are hoping to create outdoor events in the courtyard this summer which will be addressed at a public meeting in July.

FreshAyr will explain what they have already achieved and their future plans for permanent spaces for artistic and cultural creativity. 

Artists, from all platforms, across Ayrshire will be invited to attend the meeting, perform and display their work at these events. 

A community interest company (CIC) for FreshAyr has now been established to drive the community group forward.

Robert Singer, Creative Director, said: “We are hoping to host events in the units on Cathcart Street which face onto the Sandgate. We also have permission to use the kitchen in the Smoking Goat to make our own food.

“There will be a public consultation to discuss progress for FreshAyr. The underground carpark at Davidson Place will be our exhibition space and we have been talking to the children at Newton Primary about what they want to see in their town.

“They have come up with some great ideas about how Ayr can develop. We are now looking for volunteers who are interested in cooking, baking and growing their own food. 

“At our events we hope to have a food stall with home grown food.
“We need help tidying the courtyard at Loudoun as it is a bit overgrown.

Once that is done the events can run for a couple of days.”
For more information and to get involved visit their Facebook page