DESPITE more than £10m being spent making the A77 between Bogend Toll and Dutchhouse Roundabout safer, the speed limit of 50mph will remain. 

The limit, which was put in place following a number of serious accidents on that stretch of road, was originally a temporary measure until improvements could be made to the road. Now MSP Brian Whittle wants to know why the road is not safe enough to travel faster than 50mph.

Transport Scotland have spent more than £10 million improving road junctions and building two new flyovers.

When these works were first completed the Transport Minister hailed them as a success and said it was now “appropriate to return this section of the route to the national speed limit.”

Now Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf, has accepted a recommendation from Transport Scotland that the 50mph limit stays.

But South Scotland MSP, Brian Whittle, says Transport Scotland have questions to answer following the announcement that the 50mph speed limit on the A77 between Bogend Toll and Dutchhouse Roundabout is to be made permanent.

Mr Whittle, who has been actively campaigning for improvements to the A77, has criticised the apparent U-turn.

The politician said: “Changing a speed limit is always a source of controversy, but I think there are some serious question for Humza Yousaf and Transport Scotland to answer in this case. 

“Having spent millions of pounds in the name of making this road safer, they appear to be saying that it’s still not safe enough for cars to travel faster than 50mph.

“Considering many of the single lane country roads around the A77 have a higher speed limit than that, it’s difficult to understand this decision. 

“I have written to Transport Scotland and the Transport Minister for an explanation.”