THE transfer of medical records from 101 Medical Practice in Troon has been branded an “absolute shambles”.

At the Troon Community Council meeting last week, Cllr Peter Convery explained that he had received a number of phone calls from concerned residents in relation to their medical files, with one man not being delivered his paper work in time for an operation.

Cllr Convery said: “I have had phone calls about the transfer of the medical records – it started on Saturday with [people] telling me that there had been a crash with one of the surgery’s. 

“I had someone who phoned me this morning (Tuesday, May 1) who was scheduled to get his paper work because he was going for an operation in Birmingham and nothing had turned up.

“If that is the way it is going to run, then it is going to be very challenging for people. All the sweet words mean nothing unless what they said was going to be true and at the moment, with the information that I have been getting, that is definitely not happening.

“After all the talk about how smooth this was going to be so really there is something not working – it is an absolute shambles.”

Troon Community Councillor, Nicky Power commented: “I phoned up to make an appointment and I was told point blank that they don’t do appointments anymore – you just phone up on the day and see what you can get – they won’t give you an appointment in advance.

"It’s not ideal if you’re working.”

Eddie Fraser, Director for East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership, added that all patients’ medical records were “transferred successfully” on Friday, April 27 and was completed on Monday, April 30.

He said: “While the transfer may have taken slightly longer to complete, both practices had sufficient access to patient records at all times to allow them to safety treat and prescribe for their new patients.

“We have received no communication or complaints from any patient regarding this transfer. However, we would encourage any patient who has experienced an issue with access to their medical record to contact us and we will investigate.”