A CHIHUAHUA died after being attacked by a Lurcher on Troon Beach.

Pamela Reid was out walking her three Chihuahuas on Sunday, April 29 along the beach near to the sand dunes at the Marine Hotel, when a light-coloured dog ran towards and attacked seven-year-old Dexter, who later died from his injuries.

Speaking to the Troon Times, she explained: “I am completely devastated – I have been crying since it happened.

Troon Times:

“We took them to the beach because they love going there and it was such a nice day. I kept them on the lead – it is something that I am always paranoid about and it was so quiet.

“We were walking towards Ayr and I let the three of them off the lead because it was so quiet and there wasn’t anyone near us. They were within arm’s length.

“Then this dog came running over and went straight for my dogs. I picked up my two girls and when my mum picked up Dexter she looked at me and said he was dead.

“We took him over the dunes to give him CPR, but he was lifeless. There was blood on the back of his head. The owner came over from the distance and asked what happened – my mum shouted, ‘you killed my dog’ and all she said was ‘oh I’m sorry’ and walked away.

“We managed to get him to the animal hospital and the vet said the trauma from that dog was what killed him.

“The owner just walked away like it wasn’t anything – we’ve been told that she walks the dog on Ayr Beach as well and it has attacked other dogs there.”

Police are now appealing for anyone with information.

Sergeant Dean Barlas, Troon Police Office, added: “We are appealing for anyone with information regarding this incident, or who knows the owner of the lurcher to come forward and contact us.

“The lurcher appeared to be with a woman who was also walking one other dog at the time and we would also appeal for her to come forward.

“Anyone with information should contact Troon Police Office via 101, quoting incident number 1338 of Monday 30 March 2018.”