A CLEAN-UP squad will be tackling the ‘mass of litter’ taking over the Annfield Burn this Saturday.

On Saturday, May 12 communities within Belmont, Kincaidston and St Leonard’s Community Council will come together for the litter pick organised by the community council. 

They intend to make a huge dent in the litter problem and bring the area back to a maintainable standard. 

In doing this they are working with SAC to create a wildflower and nature area for the community.

Cllr Chris Cullan, who is supporting the litter pick, said: “The banks of the Burn are strewn with litter and many discarded dog poo bags.

“The Burn itself has a large number of shopping trollies amongst other bulky waste.

“The area of greenspace between Belmont and Kincaidston is a fantastically rich habitat, supporting a huge range of species. Within this very small area you have a woodland, water and grassland habitat each attracting a range of flora and fauna.

“The woodland has Sycamore, Ash, Horse Chestnut and Birch to name just a few of the different trees. The Ivy growing on many of the trees is sometimes thought of as a pest but it is a great home to bats and invertebrates. 

“There is also a thicket of blackthorn which is extremely important to the species of bird, the Whitethroat.

“This area is a forgotten treasure and in time it is hoped to be a thriving ecosystem and area of natural beauty.

“There are already a number of confirmed volunteers but many hands make light work so anyone at all available to volunteer for a while to help with this project and revitalise this gem in the community.”

The litter pick will start at 10.30am from the Community Pavilion.
All gloves, bags and pickers will be provided.