A MOTION to review how period poverty can be tackled in South Ayrshire will be put to the council.

South Ayrshire Council have committed to commission a report on a pilot scheme to end the problem. 

The policy will be put forward by the SNP’s Laura Brennan-Whitefield, and seconded by Cllr Brian Connolly at full council on Thursday, May 10. 

Around 70 per cent of women have been forced to use toilet paper as they could not afford sanitary products, and period poverty can have an impact on attendance at schools and colleges, as well as general activities.

Both the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government have introduced measures to end period poverty. 

The South Ayrshire scheme will help women in South Ayrshire – but it will also provide useful feedback ahead of the Scottish Parliament legislation.

The review of period poverty will include recommendations of resources could be best spent, which will then be considered by elected members.

Cllr Brennan-Whitefield said:“This administration is keen to bring forward progressive measures to help disadvantaged groups in South Ayrshire. 

“We know period poverty can have an impact on girls attending school, and have a knock on effect on their confidence at work and socially. 

“Nobody should have to choose between sanitary products and food, and we’re keen to work with partners to identify how our funds can be best spent.”

Cllr Brian Connolly said: “I’m delighted to be able to support this motion. Period poverty is a real issue for many women in South Ayrshire, yet women often feel unable to come forward to talk about it. 

“This administration will work hard to help women who cannot afford sanitary products.”