PLANS to build further affordable homes on Dunure Road have been approved by South Ayrshire Council.

The proposals, to increase the number of planned residential units from 109 to 137 at the Greenan Development, were discussed at a Regulatory Panel meeting last Wednesday, May 9.

From 2014 Mactaggart & Mickel have been building new houses on Dunure Road, Greenan, and have already completed 122 houses with 25 affordable homes. 

And they plan to continue development and the residential area which sits next to the Coop, also constructed by them.

Liz Hamilton of Mactaggart & Mickel Homes Ltd, who are building the residential area, said: “We already have permission to build 109 homes in Greenan .

“But due to feedback, we have already changed the developments to something smaller so there will be houses with two or three bedrooms. 

“We want to build a further 137 houses, still in keeping with the site and continue development. In phases one we developed 122 houses and 25 affordable homes.

“We also developed a retail unit which became a Coop. We are now looking to create even more affordable housing and want to continue with the masterplan.”

Concerns were raised about the new gardens not complying with the guidelines. 

David Love Supervisory Planner, said: “The road lines will remain the same as originally planned in 2014.”

Cllr Peter Convery said: “We have seen this in a number of applications. The small number of gardens do not comply with the street and our outside the council guidelines.”

Cllr Mary Kilpatrick asked: “How is this going to affect the local school?”
David Love replied: “Education has been consulted and that is why this application is recommended for approval.”

Cllr Ian Cavana said: “I want to congratulate Mactaggart & Mickle for their development plans and ambition to create more affordable housing.”

After a short discussion by councillors planning permission was granted unanimously.