FOLLOWING the announcement from Transport Scotland that the speed limit on the A77 near Hansel Village will remain at 50mph, momentum to increase the limit has been growing.

Tommy Clarke created the campaign and facebook page: A77 Symington - Back to 70mph which was set up in 2016. 

This grew from 554 supporters to 2388 overnight and now sits at 3,169.
He feels to avoid wasting public money, the A77 between Dutch House and Bogend Toll should be a 70mph zone.

He stated: “Following the £11 m upgrade and almost 12 months of disruption to remove the temporary speed limit and return the A77 between Dutch House and Bogend Toll to 70 mph.

“Some £11 m was spent to upgrade this stretch of road to make it safe to return to 70 mph. 

“With the speed limit remaining at 50 mph it is now quicker to use country ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads - effectively turning these and villages such as Tarbolton into a rat run to reduce journey times.

“This is rather than a road that was designed for traffic to run at 70 mph.”

Transport Scotland previously said the limit on this section of the A77 had previously been reduced from the the national speed limit as an interim measure while a £10.6m programme of engineering improvements were completed.

These improvements included two new flyover junctions and, following an evaluation of the safety performance, it was considered appropriate that the national speed limit could be reinstated.

Brian Whittle previously hit out at the announcement to keep the speed limit at 50mph, as reported in the Advertiser.

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