#AYRDeservesBetter have teamed up with the Ayr Advertiser to regenerate the Riverside after plans for a council office block were thrown out.

The informal group is made up of the Fort, Seafield and Wallacetown Community Council, the Kyle and Carrick Civic Society, local architect Patrick Lorimer and Lianne Hackett. 

They believe the space should should include offices, to bring more people into the bottom end of the High Street, as well as a pop-up people’s park, designed by Gemma Jones and a history centre featuring the 18th and 19th Century findings of ‘auld Ayr’. 

The Ayr Advertiser still believes the site could have glass flooring so visitors could see the remains of the buildings below or steps leading down to them.

#AyrDeservesBetter feel a competition to design the building and an ideas exhibition would increase public participation and interest. 

Speaking to the Ayr Advertiser, Patrick Lorimer said: “We do believe council offices should go in there as that will bring in money and grant footfall of 350 people to the bottom end of the town.

“There is a large void about Ayr Town Centre. This should be a building for the people as they will be using public money. 

“Ayr Renaissance have been working to do something with the town and that should be recognised. The next step is to work with the council and suggest Ayr Renaissance go back to the original master plan.

“South Ayrshire Council should go back to the drawing board with their main contractor or start an open competition to design the Riverside which is what we are pushing for.”

Lianne Hacket added: “We are feeling really positive. An ideas exhibition could get the schools involved and allow as many people to have their say as possible.

“Every person in South Ayrshire should be involved and have their say.”
To back the campaign visit https://www.change.org/p/ayr-advertiser-back-our-petition-for-a-historical-attraction-at-ayr-riverside