THE Graham triplets from Troon have made history – TWICE.

Ten-year-old’s Eilidh, Aeva and Morna will be the first triplets to hold royal court at the town’s Gala, as well as there being two princesses instead of one.

The Troon Primary pupils will be celebrating together when they are crowned on Saturday, June 23.

Troon Times:

Speaking to the Troon Times, the girls’ mum, Susan, said: “They’re absolutely thrilled – I think there were a lot of applicants, so they were not really expecting to even get a look in and to then get the Gala Queen and the two princesses is just wonderful.

“Helen Duff had really like Eilidh’s letter – she had spent a lot of time on it and decorated it all, rolled it up in a scroll and tied a ribbon around it – and she said she couldn’t make her mind up with the other two girls and said let’s not have to make up our minds and choose them both.

“They had to write no more than 250 about yourself and why you want to be considered. The girls said how much they love their town and how it would be an honour to represent the town, especially with those who are coming in, with the Glasgow Taxis.

“Their whole school always come out every year with banners and they’ve been involved with the taxis since they were in nursery so actually being in with the event will be exciting for them.

“It really is an honour. They’re definitely looking forward and are really excited about choosing their dresses. I think Aeva and Morna will be similar with their dresses and Eilidh will have her own style.

“I am really proud – they did their letters all by themselves and it was lovely when Helen came to the door and told us, it was just fabulous – we were all just grinning from ear to ear and I think it’s lovely that they’re all together.”

Troon Community Council’s Chairwoman, Helen Duff, added: “Having the girls - it is the first time that this has happened in the history of the Troon Gala.

“I personally felt that you can’t have the two girls without the third sister - I think it will definitely be a good day.”