Still Game star Jane McCarry has filmed a scene at StudioLab at Ayr’s UWS for a new play.

The Next Big Thing will be screened at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. 
Adapted from the novel by Michael Russell MSP, the production is a thoughtful, often comic fable of modern Scotland. 

Jane McCarry said: “It’s really great to be involved in this project. It’s taking the Fringe back to its roots.”

In her on-screen cameo performance Jane, unrecognisable to those who know her only as Still Game’s Isa, plays a glamorous but aggressive TV presenter who grills Donald Keays, a troubled academic, played by James Ruskin. Jane McCarry clearly relishes her role as Morag McCleish.

The play is produced by a new Scottish company, Best Of Productions which has launched a crowdfunding campaign to take The Next Big Thing to Edinburgh on a not-for-profit basis.

Co-founder Jane Gordon said: “The unpalatable fact is that most Fringe theatre is heavily subsidised by actors and directors.

“We aim to give the audience the best possible experience, but we don’t think it should be at the expense of the performers involved.”

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The Next Big Thing premieres on August 4 – tickets are available now from the Fringe Box Office.