CHILDREN starting primary school in South Ayrshire will be the first to attend school for a full day.

After a recent public consultation where parents, teachers and members of the public viewed the proposals for children to start primary one for a full day from the start of the new term in August, over 730 responded, with two-thirds agreeing with the recommendation.

However, those who are unsure of the new arrangements will have the option to remove their child at lunch time for the first 10 days of school without it being considered an unauthorised absence, helping them to manage the transition.

Cllr William Grant said: “Our previous primary one arrangements didn’t really take account of the changes in early years provision over recent years or reflect the fact that many children are now used to being away from home in an early years setting for a good part – if not all – of the day.

“The new arrangements will address the anomaly of children like these having to revert to shorter days when they first go to school, and for working families having to put transport and afternoon childcare arrangements in place for the first couple of weeks of term.”

Letters are being issued to the parents and carers of the 1,027 children registered to start primary one in August.