A COMMUNITY task force came together to clean up Troon beach after it was left in a mess from the Bank Holiday fun.

Some 20 people teamed up with Friends of Troon Beaches, after 2000 youths descended on a drunken day out, collecting 50 bags of rubbish, as well as buckets and spades that were also left by the visiting families.

Joy Melville, of Friends of Troon Beaches, said: “Around 20 of us took part. 

“The approximate count of sacks from the teenagers was 50 and we handed them all into an after-school club.

“There was a full outfit found in the sea as one heap and there were loads of plastic water bottles and plastic crushed ice containers from beach kiosk.

“One plastic bag had a passport, driving licence and ID in it which we handed it into the police station.

“It was a great atmosphere for our group and people who were walking on the beach joined in the clean-up.”

Cllr Craig MacKay joined Friends of Troon Beaches on the clean up and said: “We should be grateful for the hugely efficient clean-up operation by Friends of Troon Beaches.

"I helped a large number of volunteers [tonight] clear the mass of rubbish left behind, which the before and after shots show what took less than an hour to tackle.”