CONCERNS have been raised over the lack of toilets along Troon Beach.

At a recent Troon Community Council meeting, community councillor, Robert Milligan, raised the issue after residents at South Beach were concerned over the youths who attended the beach on Bank Holiday Monday and relived them on the sand dunes.

Mr Milligan described the problem as an “environmental issue”.

He said: “I have had two neighbours phone me and come to my door on South Beach lane regarding the kids on the beach – there were people urinating and other things on the sand dunes – they could see it happening from their house.

“I phoned South Ayrshire Council about getting portaloos – I think this is something we should seriously consider, both at South beach end and at Titchfield Road.

“I took it to Eileen Howat, the chief executive of South Ayrshire Council and she responded to me – she said that she could confirm that there is no budget for resources for additional toilets.

“I am asking for temporary toilets from June to September, when the beach is [busy] and they are being supplied water so if it is going in, it’s going to have to come out and going onto the dunes to relive themselves, that is an environmental issue as well as a police issue.

“I have had no local residents coming to me saying they don’t want toilets there – they want toilets there for the people who will use it like wind surfers and other visitors, rather than on the sand dunes where there are children.”

Cllr Bob Pollock added: “It is not a cheap option – I would imagine if they were to do this they would need to take money from somewhere else.

“I would say you could consult the police on this because toilets are a double-edged sword with the associated problems that come with them.”

A spokesman for South Ayrshire Council, commented: “We have invested more than £200k in public toilets in the current financial year. 

“There are no plans to introduce additional facilities at Troon South Beach and it would be for councillors to decide if additional facilities are to be introduced in the future.”

Furthermore, it was mentioned at the meeting about the possibility of tying the portaloos in with the Safer Shores Policing Campaign.