TROON Street Market will no longer be held in the open air due to the risk posed by high winds.

Last November a stallholder was injured when a stall was blown over. 

There have been a number of outdoor markets since then, but the organisers have decided not to continue after carrying out a comprehensive risk assessment.

The organisers are looking at other avenues, with consultations with traders being carried out with the option of moving the market indoors.
A spokeswoman for Troon Street Market, explained: “At the moment, the markets are cancelled.

“Due to health and safety, the market owner is just too worried in its current location. Others are being explored but so many parts of Troon just are either windy or could not accommodate the stalls. We are going to look at options to bring indoors but getting the Walker Hall is so difficult to get a consistent date.

“If there is enough support, [we] will look to applying for dates from July onwards. The market company must have health and safety as their number one priority.

“We aim to keep everyone informed of any future developments and we hope everyone is very understanding.”

Cllr Peter Convery, who is heavily involved with the market, said: “What has happened is the owner hasn’t really gotten over the accident and he has found that with the position of the stalls at the building - he is not willing to take the chance because of the wind conditions.

"Where is it, it is an absolute wind tunnel and we are going to have to abandon that site. We are going to see if we can get an indoor place and because, at the moment, there won’t be [a market] for a little time and hopefully we can got something sorted.”

During last year’s incident, a stallholder was taken to hospital when she was left with injuries, believed to be two broken ribs, after she was caught by the structure amid high winds.

Cllr Convery added: “The incident that happened was very unfortunate so we are looking for other areas and Walker Hall is one of them.

"I think there might be an advantage to having it indoors - it is work in progress.”