PRIMARY one pupils at Dundonald Primary School presented ideas to classmates, ‘VIPs’ and parents to showcase what they would like to see done to their recently secured outdoor space.

The class have been working hard to make their plans for the play area exciting and educational.

The ideas detail the ground to be flattened with a hard surfacing, giving the pupils a mud kitchen, bringing ‘fun’ and a little bit of ‘mess’ and a sand and water picnic table area, to allow the pupils to be taught about sinking and floating within their science lessons.

The pupils described having a ‘Creation Station’ allowing them to express their selves and help them to develop their creativity.

As well as space for a ‘Creation Station’, the pupils came up with an idea for a storytelling chair with engraved button stools that would “help practice their reading”, a bug hotel and planting area to allow them to learn about animals and how to look after them, and a hot air balloon den where they can have ‘down time’.

The pupil’s teacher Miss Healy said: “We have been able to secure an outdoor space, which at the minute, is just grass and the ground is very uneven and all it has is a bin.

"We have been looking at how we make it better, how we can make it educational and how we can make it more fun, so we can use it for play time, but also an extension of the class room.

“They have used a lot of inspiration from our nursery outdoor area, which was developed last year, and they only had a short time to play in it. It is completely [the children’s] idea and their design.

“We are looking for support that can help us develop our ideas and people with expertise to look at the designs. If anyone, anywhere, that can offer their ideas and support, we would really appreciate.”