TWO golf nuts from a Troon school have a driving ambition to boost charity through a crazy, stamina-sapping marathon.

Muirhead Primary School teachers Colin McCaw and Iain Lindsay are raising funds to help build a primary school and a church in Haiti by playing 72 holes of golf in Troon on Thursday, July 26.

The project is being run by Mission International, who have Seagate Church Pastor Richard Woods on board and are a grassroots charity that do so much great work employing local people to redevelop Haiti. 

They will play Darley, Lochgreen and then twice round Fullarton.

Troon man Colin said: “The school has a link through the pupil council with Haiti.  All year we have been trying to think of something to help them but we can’t go there as we are at school when Richard is in Haiti. 

“We should finish around 8.30pm to 9pm and we hope to score about 85 per round but by the end we will be lucky to break 85 per hole! Our wives think we’re mad. I will play 36 holes in a day to practice.

“We aim to put money into the pot for the new school, hopefully we can raise about £1,000 if you include Gift Aid. 

“Richard has a hard enough job as it is trying to be a pastor in Troon. But he had such a heart to help people in Haiti. The idea to do this came from his daughter Lucy, who raised £2,000 for Haiti by swimming at a reservoir in Kilwinning. 

“She did something she enjoys so I decided to play golf. Most of the money she raised came from people at Seagate Church who have become very supportive.”

Iain, who hails from Kilwinning said: “I look forward to it, my short play is good. This is a really good cause to support. 

“The Haiti project helps give the kids a good understanding of what life is like elsewhere, I don’t think they always grasp what life is like for other children. You can see the benefit of education. It will be tiring.

“As lovely as it sounds to my wife that I’m playing 72 holes of golf, it’s bound to be tiring. I have done other charity work. But this is different, it will not be as enjoyable as we think.

“We just don’t know what the weather will be like. We will be doing about 20 miles. I know we should get some sleep beforehand but I doubt I will as I have just become a dad recently.

“Hopefully we will get some Haitian weather on the day and we will be lucky.”

Anyone who can help should log onto