FRIENDS of Fullarton are in the process of creating a sensory garden.

Recently, the Troon community came together to help the group assemble raised beds, which are part of a sensory garden that is currently being established in Fullarton Woods.

With the help of volunteers and South Ayrshire Council, the beds are just awaiting soil then they will be filled with plants that can be touched and smelled as well as admired visually, including lavender and feverfew for their smell, mint and thymus for both smell and taste, and pulmonaria for its touch.

Crawford Young, of Friends of Fullarton, said: “It is tough trying to find plants that will make interesting noise, but we think that the seating beside the beds will provide plenty of opportunity for people to relax and listen to the wider woodland noises of trees moving and birds calling.

“Friends of Fullarton have not designed this garden for a specific group of people, but we are trying to make sure that it is accessible to all and that it allows everybody to enjoy nature.

“This glade will provide people with an opportunity to sit in peace and quiet and enjoy the woodland.

“Just beside these beds is a magnifying glass on a post that will allow adventurers within the woodlands to inspect their finds. The benches and table nearby allow for weary travellers to sit and rest and contemplate the beauty of the woodland in peace.

“Thanks go to the many volunteers who turned up to contribute their time, effort, and experience.”