AXED number 14 bus from Troon to Irvine received no support at its recent meeting.

Stagecoach, who insist that the number 14 bus would not be ‘cost effective’ if reinstated, did not have anyone representing the company despite been inundated with requests to bring back the bus service.

Troon Community Councillor, Robert Milligan, has been campaigning, along with Anne Cameron, for the organisation to revert to the number 14 timetable from last year, before the introduction of the ‘unworkable’ 14/14A that is currently in operation.

Speaking at the recent Troon Community Council, he said: “I was disillusioned that we had no support – I feel that there are certain areas that the public are asking for support on and they’re not getting it.

"There we 20 odd people at the meeting but we had no support for MPs or MSP and they hadn’t said why they couldn’t attend.”

Anne Cameron, added: “It was very disappointing – there was no one from Stagecoach who came along. They’re just coming across that they’re not going to do anything and we’re getting nowhere, and we need the support of getting this 14A bus.

“[Stagecoach] are just not doing anything for the public.”

A spokesperson for Stagecoach West Scotland, said previously: “The number of passengers who previously travelled from the south end of Troon to Irvine was a very small proportion of the overall passengers on the 14 service, however, we will continue to work with Ayrshire Bus Users groups to explore options that may achieve their aims while ensuring the service can remain sustainable in the long term.”