TALENTED Troon author Geraldine Mair is celebrating after her critically acclaimed debut book shot to the top of the charts.

Originally released in December 2017 to Amazon Best Seller by July 2018,  ‘Choose to Climb – Reaching Your Personal Summit’ has been critically acclaimed through reader testimonials since its release
And it  recently caused a stir in the market through social media campaign, ‘Join the Climb’.

The push was to hit Amazon No.1 Best Seller and by July 1, the Kindle version amazingly topped at the No.3 spot in the genre of Personal Transformation, ahead of such acclaimed authors as Eckhart Tolle and Paulo Coelho. On July 4, it topped the chart as an Amazon No.1 Best Seller.

Former supermarket worker Geraldine was typically humble and gracious through her thank you posts on social media and videos on YouTube. 

She said: “I am so grateful, not least that best seller status will provide the platform to release book number two; ‘Beyond Your Summit’ and help even more people awaken their consciousness to better choices in their life.”

Her husband and business partner Derek Mair added: “The campaign was not about the power of social media, it was about tapping into the emotional collective consciousness of those fantastic people who use social media and wish to see other genuine people succeed. 

“The book is written as a reference manual for life’s challenge.”