Police are taking steps to reduce vandalism from youths in the Prestwick area.

Several incidents have been reported in the area in recent weeks from local residents who have shown great concern at the high volume of anti-social behaviour that has been occurring. One resident explained that a group of ten or more 14-16-year olds were severely intoxicated in Caerlaverock Road area, throwing eggs and being generally aggressive.

Another woman reported that her car had been vandalised in the Kirk Street area and the police were dealing with the matter.

Local Councillor Ian Cochrane explained that the police are aware of the issue and are doing what they can to get the situation under control.

He said: “There has been reports of assaults and youngsters throwing eggs at individuals and houses across the community.

“I contacted Sargent Lyle who is head of the community police team about the anti-social behaviour and I was very reassured. He has already met the group on three occasions and he was very on top of the matters that have been reported.

“He is going to be taken steps to address the matter and I felt it was a very good and reassuring response from the community policing team. It is brilliant that they are taking steps to address the matters that are being raised.

“I think this new community policing structure has got off to a great start.”

Members of the public are encouraged to dial 101 if they see any large groups hanging around an area for a long period time.