FURIOUS Troon campaigners in Muirhead are considering an attempt to seize control of their community centre after they lodged a petition objecting to plans by a rival group to take it over.

The move has been made by Muirhead Tenants and Residents Association (MTRA) - in response to an application from Dundonald Gymnastics Club to secure a community asset transfer of Muirhead Activity Centre from South Ayrshire Council.

They held a meeting last Thursday, at which concerns were voiced about the application, which campaigners say if successful would spell their demise.

Board member David O’Neill said: “We are looking at the possibility of a counter bid, we don’t have the knowledge or time but there are people we could reach out to who run classes. People are saying we should launch a counter bid as there are are grants available.

“ If we did take over we could make the centre popular and have it open more hours. This is the busiest South Ayrshire Council centre and it’s hard to get bookings. Our petition attracted 1300 signatures online and 200 on paper.

“Our main concern is the Gymnastics Club are talking about installing a soft floor and that means so many of our activities like handball, football and netball couldn’t be played.” Added chairwoman Frances Carson: “We were told the applicant saw Muirhead as an easy option as the council wouldn’t fight for it. They are just interested in one sport and we have a lot of sports going on here.

Committee member Elizabeth McNish warned the Gymnastics Club bid would spell the end of the TARA and all their community activities.

A South Ayrshire Council spokesman said: “An asset transfer request has been made to the Council regarding Muirhead Activity Centre in Troon. We are working through the council’s approved community asset transfer process. Details of that process and this asset transfer request are available on the Council website www.south-ayrshire.gov.uk/community-asset-transfer.

Scott Telford of Dundonald Gymnastics Club was unvailable for comment.