A HIGHLY courageous Troon teacher relived his terror after being caught up in the horrific mass shooting which killed some 50 people in the normally peaceful city of Christchurch in New Zealand.

Campbell Malone, the Troon Secret Santa leader, went into lockdown with his class of 30 children on Friday.

And after three seemingly endless hours, they emerged unscathed following the shocking tragedy which saw a shooting spree in the Christ church Central Mosque.

Community campaigner Campbell and wife Sandra live some two miles from the Mosque and his school is located some some eight miles away but the whole city was alert during one of the worst terrorist attacks in the country’s history.

Speaking on Facebook on Friday morning, Campbell said: “Today was one of the worst days in my teaching career. A number of local people were massacred in their place of worship.

“I was with my class of 30 wonderful children. All Christchurch schools went into lockdown for three hours.

We have now been let out of lockdown and are home now.

Treasure your children and love one another.”

Troon people were quick to rush to the support of Campbell and his wife, Sandra, who teaches at the same school.

Claire Malone said : “Thoughts with you, glad u all safe xx.”

Added Lynne Powell: “Good bless.”

Campbell sent out a message on Sunday evening after leaving flowers on behalf of the Troon community at the Central Mosque.

He said: “To my family and friends up in Troon Scotland.

We are ok. Have just been down to the Christchurch Central Mosque. Have left some flowers of support from you all. Much love Campbell and Sandra.

“Thank you for your many many messages over the weekend. We are home safe and our students are all safe with their families.

He told us on Monday: “It’s been really really tough and I’m not sure what to say. Lots of local people have died in this tragedy.”