Jennifer Dunn, the SNP candidate for Ayr, has pledged to establish a cross party group on infertility and pregnancy loss in the Scottish Parliament, if elected in this years elections.

The cross party group would require the support of MSPs from other parties, and would be intended to be a forum for patient groups, professional bodies, businesses and other organisations with an interest in fertility treatment and pregnancy loss.

Around one in six couples go through fertility problems. The exact percentage of pregnancies that end in a loss is not known but estimated to be around 20% of recognised pregnancies.

Jennifer, 33, said: “As someone who has been through repeat pregnancy losses this is an issue that’s very close to my heart.

"Issues around fertility problems and pregnancy loss have become more prevalent in recent times, and I believe the Scottish Parliament should have a forum where patients and professionals can discuss matters and raise them with MSPs.

“There are many cross party groups on a variety of issues; pregnancy and fertility loss affect a huge number of people in Scotland and I think it’s only right that they also have a group.”

Gwenda Burns, Scottish Branch coordinator Infertility Network Scotland said: “Struggling and failing to become parents has a huge and far-reaching physical, emotional and social impact.

"In addition to the immediate private pain and grief of fertility problems, practically all other spheres of life can be affected too – relationships with family, friends, and workplace colleagues.

“As the leading patient charity, Infertility Network aims to provide the support and advice needed by those experiencing fertility problems and pregnancy loss.

"It is vitally important that the extent and impact of fertility issues are recognised and addressed and that is why we are conducting a survey, Your Fertile Future, to identify what level of support is needed by people before, during and after fertility treatment, as well as for those who choose not to pursue assisted reproductive techniques.”